Friday, May 6, 2011

Update, May 6, 2011

Yoda has settled down with her medication and until spring weather started to warm her to the point that she is shedding like a normal cat, we managed to stop the shedding caused by the hyperthyroid condition.  She does have excess urination so we don't expect to be able to reverse the hyperT condition with radiology as she wouldn't qualify, assuming the PD, (excess urination), is caused by renal weakness.  So I guess we stay on the pills, which she is doing quite well at swallowing as long as they are in gelatin capsules.

Since the loss of Hamlet Yoda has been fine with being segregated in the same room as Thumper when it is Legolas's turn to run free for exercise.  In fact she 'prefers' to walk to the room on her own.  Doesn't like being carried much.  She does like to sit on our laps a bit now, though, especially if it was cold outside when she had her walkabout on the deck.

Speaking of cold, Yoda has found and claimed every cat spot that may at times be heated, so we managed to acquire a nice large heated bed for her  that is all her own.  Unfortunately we are missing an adaptor at present, but I am sure we will find one that fits before cold weather returns.  In the meantime, this is her new throne: 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We are improving!

Well, Yoda has had another complete panel and T4 test.  Her T4 values are not bad so we are reducing her dosage by half.  Her kidney values aren't being disguised by thryoid function so they are up a bit, but not bad enough to threaten her chances if she needs radioactive treatment to address her hyperthyroid condition. 

She was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid disease when given a general checkup due to her excessive urination, hyper 'attitude' and fur shedding worse than pig pen could ever muster up.  Daily vacuuming has become a necessary evil around here. )-:

Her weight is up by 1 1/2 pounds to 10 pounds and according to her expert veterinarian who is helping us beat this disease, her heart rate is much better.

We will report again in about a month as the vet is going to nudge us by phone if we don't remember to get in there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Start

This was our first experience with Yoda.  She needed a home but didn't fit in with our boys, so we spent a day posting the notice below in every public facility we could find, as well as every veterinary office in the area.   When we arrived back home there was a message on our answering machine and Yoda had her new home.

Recently Yoda sadly lost a human who was very devoted to her, so has been through one more trauma in her life. On top of this, the owner's husband is no longer able to care for her, so she is back with us. She has been fitting in with the most of the boys just fine, but our dear, now very elderly, Hamlet, still remains her nemesis in our home. At this point he is too lazy to care if she is around or not, but she clearly has a very good memory and hisses whenever he is within sight.

Along with a memory like an elephant, Yoda is very smart and has fit into our routine here very quickly.  It is unfortunate that the problem with Hamlet prevents Yoda from hanging out with 'the boys' when we give Legolas, (FIV+ and bites), his free time in the house.  She prefers to hang out in her 'personal' space in the same cage that was formerly used by Pepper.  It is quite amazing to see her go in there voluntarily when she understands it is Legolas's time, and the odd time when she has free reign of the house she will still prefer her bed in the cage.  This is all good and well, but I want my living room back, and would like her to prefer to be with the others.  At the moment I don't see that happening.